Поставский лесхоз
Vitebsk state manufacturing forestry organization
лесхоз в Поставах
Одно окно

The administrative building GLHU "Postavy Forestry" and all the forest areas there are information booths, information about the GLHU" Postavy forestry "based on the principle of state" One window "containing information on:
- The list of administrative procedures implemented leskhoz and its subdivisions;
- A list of persons responsible for the implementation of administrative procedures;
- The order and timing of administrative procedures;
- List of documents or information required for the implementation of administrative procedures;
- Order of payment;
- Validity of documents;
- Law of the Republic of Belarus "On citizens';
- Examples of applications made by citizens.

There is information about the leaders of GLHU "Postavy Forestry", indicating the surname, first name and patronymic, telephone number, time of reception of citizens.

The list of administrative procedures implemented leskhoz

1. Deciding on the formulation of civil registration in need of better housing conditions
2. Deciding on the topic (the union) queue, the queue for re-registration of a citizen to a member of his family
3. The decision on registration of citizens seeking a dwelling in a hostel
4. Issue of certificate of state registered in need of better housing conditions
5. The decision on the privatization of residential premises
6. Recalculation of fees for certain types of public services
7. Issue of certificate for re-payment for certain types of public services
8. Decision to change the tenancy agreement:
1) at the request of employers, united in one family
2) due to the recognition by the employer of another family member
3) at the request of a member family of the employer
9. Issuance of certificates:
1) of the occupied village in the residence and family composition
2) place of residence and family composition
3) the last place of residence of the testator and the composition of his family on the day of death
4) place of residence
10. The decision to grant the vacant living room public housing
11. Issuance of Certificate for public hunting and cards accounting violations and payment of state fees
12. Issue of forest ticket for the right site of the forest fund (mowing, grazing, placement of hives and apiaries)
13. Issuance of warrants for leave standing wood (firewood)

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