Поставский лесхоз
Vitebsk state manufacturing forestry organization
лесхоз в Поставах
Labour protection

In GLHU "Postavy Forestry" conducted exchange of training on occupational health and safety with the fellers of the forest, forestry workers, forest guards, drivers, tractor drivers, workers, woodworking shops, RMM workers, porters, construction workers, rangers, patrol guards and junior staff.

Course training is conducted according to the schedule of programs developed and test knowledge.

Workers employed in hazardous working conditions is given milk, according to sanitary norms and rules in 0.5 liters of milk a day of work. All workers employed in jobs with hazardous working conditions and factors of production, based on the certification of forestry jobs, is co-payment for work in adverse conditions.

All citizens shall be employed in forestry, in forest areas are preliminary medical examination on forestry areas.
Workers are constantly working in contact with harmful production factors are periodic mandatory medical examination. In forestry conducted daily health worker predreysovogo examination of drivers, tractor drivers, machine operators.
Orders, decisions of higher bodies for the protection and safety coming in forestry will be communicated to all divisions of forestry.

Transportation workers and forest conservation on working land for production forestry and logging operations performed in the transport timber enterprise. Transportation workers in specially equipped vehicles UAZ cars and Ural, which are fixed in each forestry and logging crews woodworking shop forestry.

Some work is carried out to monitor the state of occupational safety, spending days and weeks of work, as well as periodic monitoring.

In order to prevent accidents at work are conducted employee training on specific and related professions, as well as advanced training in specialized training in RTCs and "Forest" of the Ministry of Forestry.

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